Okay, so what is all this talk about "intellegent" lights, what does it mean, and most importantly, WHY DO I CARE?

To put it simply, these types of lights are EXTREMELY programmable. We can control the color of the light, the direction it projects, and the gobo
(design) that it puts out all from a specialized controller or laptop. For all you techno-geeks (like us!) out there, the term "intellegent" is generally
referred to for fixtures that utilize the DMX-512 protocol.
Lets briefly examine how much impact these lights can have on an evening affair...

As the guests are arriving we can set the lights to project slowly moving GOBOS such as stars on the
ceiling to bring in that extra touch of elegance.

When the Bride and Groom enter the room, we lower all the lights and put on single spotlight on them
that FOLLOWS THEM all the way to the dance floor for their first dance.

As they reach the dance floor, the spotlight will magically dim as we project your wedding colors on to
the mirrored ball, filling the room at putting your guests in awe.

We can do all of these things at the push of a button. No need to have 18 different lights set up all over
the room, these fixtures do whatever we tell them to do!
Screeshot during programming
Screeshot during a show
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